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nnovations in IC Validator for Advanced Node Physical Signoff

Learn about the latest technologies in IC Validator including; Explorer, Live, Scalability, Elastic Computing and more. Shorten time to tapeout by 2x.

Physical verification runtimes are exploding at advanced technology nodes due...

Learn how IC Validator technology improves physical verfiication productivity.

On-demand Signoff DRC Checking for Custom Design Flows

Designers need immediate and on-the-fly DRC feedback as they do the layout edits. IC Validator Live DRC checking offers signoff quality DRC checking directly.

IC Validator DRC Checking

How to Accelerate DRC Checking During SoC Integration

Accelerating Toshiba's SoC Design with Fusion Compiler

Feb 2019 - Learn how Toshiba's early access to the industry’s only RTL-to-GDSII solution speeds time-to-market for their latest, advanced, automotive SoC

Fast FPGA Debug for High Reliability and Functional Safety Designs

Jan 22, 2019 - This webinar introduces Synplify synthesis and its ability to quickly add triple modular redundancy (TMR) to a design.

Boosting Analog Reliability: Dealing with Variability and Physical Effects in...

Jan 17, 2019 - In this Tech Talk video with Semiconductor Engineering, Synopsys' Aveek Sarkar talks about challenges with complex design rules, rigid design methodologies, and the gap between ...

AI's Growing Impact on Chip Design

Jan 16, 2019 - Semiconductor Engineering interviews Aart de Geus to discuss the impact of AI on chip design.

Physical Verification in the Cloud: IC Validator and AWS

Learn about IC Validator DRC on Amazon Web Services, scaling for faster performance, and elastic CPU management to add CPUs on the fly.

Toshiba Memory Corporation BiCS FLASH Memory

Synopsys speeds up verification and TTM of TMC BiCS FLASH memory