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Synopsys Suggests

Accelerating Development of DesignWare Mixed-Signal PHY IP with Custom Compiler

Dino Toffolon, VP of Engineering for DesignWare IP at Synopsys, discusses his team's successful development of advanced, silicon-proven, mixed-signal interface IP using Custom Compiler.

Accelerating Low-Power, High-Speed Data Storage Design using Custom Compiler

Seagate Technology, discusses the advantages of using Custom Compiler on their storage design.

Accurate and Timely Status Reports Using Lynx Design System Design Tracker

Learn about how Lynx Design System’s Design Tracker enables quick access to project status and reports to facilitate data-driven decisions.

AI Hardware Summit Video

Sept. 18, 2018 - Enabling Device Intelligence—AI Chip Design from the Data Center to the Edge

ASCII Format Error File From the PYDB Database

Pydb2ascii utility generates an ASCII format error file (.err) from the IC Validator error database PYDB. In this video, we will see how to generate an ASCII format error file from the PYDB database.

Better Modeling of Clock Net Inductance for 7 and 5 Nanometer Designs

Inductance effects on clock nets can have serious consequences to performance and reliability of today’s advanced process technology designs. In this video, Greg Rollins, principle engineer from ...

Boosting Analog Reliability: Dealing with Variability and Physical Effects in...

Jan 17, 2019 - In this Tech Talk video with Semiconductor Engineering, Synopsys' Aveek Sarkar talks about challenges with complex design rules, rigid design methodologies, and the gap between ...

Broadcom Discuss Experience Using Formality for Interactive ECO Implementation

At Silicon Valley SNUG 2019, Broadcom presented a paper on their success implementing manual ECO’s with Formality’s interactive ECO functionality. Listen to Sathappan Palaniappan, Principal ...

Cal2pxl Utility

Cal2pxl is a translation utility which can be used to convert Calibre DRC and LVS runsets to PXL for use with IC Validator. In this video, we will see how to use cal2pxl utility.

Changing the Design Flow

The rationale for fusing together various pieces of digital design.