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TestMAX Vtran

Reads and reformats patterns and results for over 30 ATE and logic simulator formats

TestMAX Diagnosis

Unparalleled throughput for high resolution and accuracy of silicon defect candidate selection


Advanced Pattern Generation


In-system self-test for safety critical designs including automotive, medical, and aerospace

TestMAX Manager

A complete, integrated RTL to ATE implementation and verification flow


Comprehensive, integrated test, repair and diagnosis solution for embedded as well as external memories


Comprehensive, advanced design-for-test (DFT)

TestMAX Advisor

Design-for-test rule checking and RTL fault coverage estimation capabilities that help designers pinpoint testability issues early in the flow

TestMAX Fusa

Calculating ISO 26262 functional safety metrics to identify and address hotspots early in the design cycle and guide impactful design changes

TestMAX ALE Adaptive High-Bandwidth Test

TestMAX ALE and TestMAX SLT form the solution that leverages high-speed interfaces such as a Universal Serial Bus (USB) and PCI Express that exist on many semiconductor devices.