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Unveiling Innovations for Digital Design

Dr. Aart de Geus describes the dynamics that are driving the need for the fusion of synthesis and place-and-route technologies to achieve best PPA and predictable design closure, enabling the ...

Fusion Design Platform Technical Overview

Shankar Krishnmoorthy discusses the historical legacy and how we have continuously evolved with the ever-present challenges to deliver best-in-class synthesis solutions.

Fusion Compiler Comprehensive RTL-to-GDSII Implementation System

Nov 2018 - The semiconductor industry is going through a renaissance period with waves of technological advancements and innovation...

Fusion Compiler

Predictable RTL-to-GDSII Implementation System Delivers Up To 20 Percent Better Quality-Of-Results

Design Compiler NXT

Next Generation RTL Synthesis Boosts Runtime by 2X and QoR by 5 Percent

Design Compiler NXT

Learn about how Design Compiler NXT delivers faster, better quality of results and is advanced node ready synthesis.

Fusion Compiler Unified Physical Synthesis

Nov 2018 - Learn about the benefits of Fusion Compiler's unified optimization technologies that is enabling up to 20 percent improved performance, power and area (PPA ), while reducing ...

Fusion Compiler Single Design Cockpit on the Fusion Data Model

Learn about the benefits of Fusion Compiler built on a compact, single data model that enables seamless sharing of technology and engines for comprehensive design closure.

Fusion Compiler Complete RTL-to-GDSII System with Integrated Signoff-quality ...

Learn about how Fusion Compiler's integrated signoff-quality engines enables designers to achieve the highest performance, lowest power and area on their SoC designs.

Unified Physical Synthesis in Fusion Compiler

Transforming how designers go from RTL to placement in a single design cockpit.