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No More PIzza! Bringing Power to the Age-old Question: "What's for Dinner?"

Sep 26, 2019 How high-performance computing affects simple decisions like what to have for dinner.

"It's Time for a Change"

Sep 07, 2019 - One Golden-Signoff-Capable Timing Engine to Rule them All.

Design Flows At 5nm And Beyond

May 14, 2018 - It’s probably the first time that you’ll ever hear an old (well, old-ish!) person say this, but things were easier back in my day. 40-nanometers was the most advanced node that I ...

Looking Past the Horizon

Thinking two steps ahead to address future challenges at 5nm and below

Be Ready for Emerging Advanced Node PPA Opportunities with Fusion Compiler ...

Today, performance, power and area (PPA) targets are pre-defined values driven by multiple static metrics, including clock and data path timing, power consumption at specific voltage levels and ...