Chip Design Resources

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The Certify prototyping software is a user-friendly tool that works directly from your RTL source code and ASIC IP.

Custom Compiler

Full-Custom Solution Featuring Visually-assisted Automation Flow

DC Explorer

Early RTL Exploration Accelerates Synthesis and Place and Route

DC Ultra

Best-in Class Timing, Area, Power, and Test Optimization Correlated with Physical Results

Design Compiler Graphical

Create a Better Starting Point for Faster Physical Implementation

DesignWare STAR Hierarchical System

Automated Hierarchical Test Solution for Efficiently Testing SoCs or Designs Using Multiple IP/cores

DesignWare STAR Memory System

Comprehensive, Integrated Test, Repair and Diagnostics Solution That Supports Repairable or Nonrepairable Embedded Memories


Adaptive Scan Compression for Cost-effective DSM Testing


Synthesis-based In-System Self-Test


Ultra-high Compression for Maximum Test Cost Reduction