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Introducing Fusion Compiler

The first RTL-to-GDSII, synthesis and place-and-route solution, enabling highly-convergent and predictable digital implementation.

Introducing the Next Evolution of Synopsys' Digital Toolset

Announcing a new era in digital implementation with Fusion Compiler and Design Compiler NXT at the center of the next generation of Synopsys digital design.

Fusion Design Platform

Introducing the latest full-flow RTL-to-GDSII platform solution from Synopsys. Built using market leading point tools and unique Fusion Technologies.

Changing the Design Flow

The rationale for fusing together various pieces of digital design.

Innovation Through Technology Leadership and Partnership-Oriented DNA

The most advanced volume production nodes are 12/10 nanometers, while 8/7 nanometers, both immersion lithography and EUV, are in final stages of development, and will move into volume production soon.

Platform-Wide Innovations to Meet the Challenges of 5-nm and Beyond

With the advent of 5nm and the need for best in class power, performance, and area requirements there is an unprecedented need for integration across synthesis, place and route, and signoff. ...

SNUG 2017 Design Compiler Lunch

Mar 23, 2017 - Advanced Silicon Design Success with Design Compiler

Accurate and Timely Status Reports Using Lynx Design System Design Tracker

Learn about how Lynx Design System’s Design Tracker enables quick access to project status and reports to facilitate data-driven decisions.