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High Throughput GSPS Signal Processing Using Synthesizable IP Cores

Jan 2014 - This whitepaper illustrates how parallel processing synthesizable IP cores available in Synphony Model Compiler enable Giga Samples Per Second (GSPS) throughput on FPGAs, and efficient ...

Formality Error-ID Technology Defines Debug Productivity

Have you ever experienced the "now what" anxiety that accompanies a failing equivalence checking verification? Have you found yourself staring at a logic cone with thousands of gates and no clear ...

IC Validator

Comprehensive Signoff DRC / LVS Tool


Comprehensive Cell, I/O and Memory Characterization

DFTMAX Compression Shared I/O

Nov 2014 - This joint white paper with Arm highlights why shared I/O capability in DFTMAX compression and TetraMAX ATPG is the preferred approach for testing multicore Arm® processor designs

StarRC™ Custom: Next-Generation Modeling and Extraction Solution for Custom ...

May 2010 - Custom digital, analog/mixed-signal, and memory designs are particularly sensitive to the nanometer device parameters and parasitics

The Choice of Transistor Architecture for the 5-nm Node and Beyond

In this video, Synopsys R&D will discuss the most likely options for transistor architectures as we move beyond the 5-nm node and how this is demanding a broader solution of “variability-driven ...

DC Explorer Demo

Early RTL exploration accelerates synthesis and place & route. - Chris Allsup, Technical Marketing Manager, Synopsys

Platform-Wide Innovations to meet the Challenges of 5-nm and Beyond

The most advanced volume production nodes are 12/10 nanometers, while 8/7 nanometers, both immersion lithography and EUV, are in final stages of development, and will move into volume production soon

Smarter Signoff Analysis for Advanced Nodes

In this brief talk, Synopsys R&D will present a smarter solution to achieve fast and more efficient signoff analysis for advanced node multi-voltage designs